Brand design

Integral to any organisation is something we call ‘brand’ – it’s what represents it. As designers we are the custodian of our client’s brand – our job is to fully understand it, to develop it, to nurture it and make it prosper. By fostering long-term client relationships, investing fully in their brand, we strive to create solutions that make it successful.

Whether we are starting from the beginning or adopting one, our role is to ensure our client’s brand is consistent and clear.


Graphic design

Once we understand the brand of a client, we can then develop visual strategies that can be applied to any form of visual communication – being a corporate profile, an annual report, packaging, signage or even online.


Marketing campaigns

TaylorSparks has been successful for more than 25 years in developing marketing campaigns for a wide range of projects. As technology changes and the way we interact, so do we need to adapt to embracing and adopting new media platforms as part of our marketing strategies.


Complimentary services

Other complimentary services include copywriting, photography, illustration, video production. 


Production and

print management

TaylorSparks has a wealth of knowledge and experience and has developed long-term relationships with a range of production-based services. Managing these aspects with our suppliers has been of
great benefit to our clients.