Catholic Parish Religious Education Program

Scope of work

For children who don't attend a Catholic School, they have access to the Catholic Parish Religious Education Program. Students learn about Catholic Religion through a program called 'Gathered in My Name' which is a comprehensive developmental and sequential religious education program. In a parish setting, children seek to know God and to reflect on God's love in their lives as Jesus taught, through their thoughts, words and actions.

This project involved the conceptualisation of this package: the look and feel, the colour palette, layout design and how the modules would be housed. A consultative design process was required in the initial design phase to fine-tune the package design. This was then followed by a 4-year project to layout the modules for this package.


Collaborating with design-related partners was an integral part of the process. The modules contain photographs and historical art reproductions so the process involved working with a global network of stock libraries and art agents to research and source suitable royalty-free/licensed managed material which complimented the nature of the package..


Due to the size of this project, collaboration with a print partner involved extensive planning at the start to determine the most efficient and cost-effective way to print and manufacture this package. 


+ Branding

+ Book publishing

+ Packaging

+ Photography

+ Illustration

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