Mindcare mental health campaign

Scope of work

The brief was to develop a mental health campaign which targeted a specific catchment audience to increase their awareness to services that were available to them. The scope of work involved researching and understanding the type of mental health issues within the catchment, identifying and understanding their social interaction trends and then developing a communications strategy to best target that audience. Five different adverts where created which were then used on a rotational basis.

The campaign evolved around the essence of 'getting people to talk' and acknowledging that it was 'okay to talk' about their issues with professionals. With a better understanding of the demographics and the types of daily life issues associated with mental health, we were able to create collateral that would best communicate and choose suitable marketing channels to best reach them.


+ Campaign strategy

+ Copy writing

+ Cinema advertising

+ Video production

+ Newspaper advertising

+ Shopping Centre Shopalites

+ Bus Shelter advertising

+ Pull-up banners


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