Midvale Hub

Scope of work

For more than 30 years Midvale Hub have assisted in improving the lives of children and their families health and wellbeing, education and care. They offer a variety of user-friendly programs and services to empower members of the community to overcome significant life challenges and proactively strive towards a brighter future for their children and family.

Our role was a complete a rebrand overhaul. From writing content, to engaging in photoshoots, to designing brochures, pull-ups, vehicle and building signage as well as their website. This project also involved presentations to all staff to provide professional development on the organisations brand.


+ Rebranding

+ Copy writing/photography

+ Corporate brochure

+ DL program brochures

+ Pull-up banners/A-frames

+ Vehicle and building signage

+ In-house wall graphics

+ Marquee graphics

+ Website


Email:  Mobile: 0412 933 318

78 Paddington Street, North Perth WA 6006

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